Classy Cocktails: Betty Danger’s

Betty Danger's margaritas

Betty Danger’s has some of the BEST margaritas. It’s super cold and snowy in Minnesota right now, but just thinking of these margaritas takes me to a warm, sunny, happy place. There are definitely other fantastic cocktails on the menu, but the margs are where it’s at! My go-to is the Yale (tip: get the slush) – it’s so good! Bright pink and incredibly refreshing on a warm, summer day (or any day really), the Yale really packs a punch with a generous amount of Skull & Bones tequila and prickly pear. I’m also a fan of the Harvard margarita, which is only $5 during happy hour. I really need to branch out any try the other flavors; the Dartmouth (fresno peppers & cucumber) and the Georgetown (pineapple, mint & lime) sound incredibly refreshing as does the Columbia (grapefruit, Maraschino & lime). I highly recommend enjoying your margarita on the patio, or better yet, hop on the “Danger” and sip your beverage while taking in the beautiful views of downtown Minneapolis. //