Spring Blooms: Art in Bloom

Art in Bloom 2018: Modern Art Gallery

Art in Bloom 2018: Sunburst

Art in Bloom 2018: Epitaph Cover of Prince Yuan Mi

Art In Bloom 2018: Chinese Art Gallery

Art in Bloom 2018: A "Bear" Chance

Art in Bloom was packed this year! According to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, more than 52,400 people attended this year’s event, which has to be a record. After the never-ending winter we had this year, I’m actually not surprised that so many people came out of hibernation over the weekend to experience spring.

I loved the bright, cheery recreation of ‘Sunburst’ that greeted you as you walked up the stairs near the lobby as well as the stunning arrangements located throughout the Chinese art gallery. The Ponderosa pine bonsai tree on display next to the ‘Epitaph Cover of Prince Yuan Mi’ was an estimated 280 years old—that’s older than the U.S.! I also enjoyed the swooping recreation of Cy Twombly’s ‘Untitled’ blackboard with cursive writing in the Modern & Contemporary gallery, and I couldn’t resist swinging by ‘A “Bear” Chance’ by Philip R. Goodwin in the American West gallery, which is one of my favorite paintings.

Did anyone else attend Art in Bloom this year? What was your favorite flower display?

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